What It’s Really Like to Make Your First $1000 Online

What Most Gurus Won’t Tell You

My First $1000

Why My First $1000 Almost Destroyed Me

If You Think it Gets Better From Here, You’re Wrong!

When You’re in Deep, The Best Thing To Do is Dig Deeper

  • First, I had acquired an education that few people will ever get.
  • Many try to make money online, but few get the opportunity to learn from countless failures of their own. Few get to experience what it’s like going broke in the process.
  • As crazy as it sounds, if I had to do it over again, I’d probably do the same thing because I wouldn’t know half of what I know now about making money online if not for that experience.
  • Second, I discovered just how awesome my family is. They knew I was working hard towards building a better life for all of us, and my wife had my back.
  • Third, I learned I could be just as happy, even more, without all of the “stuff” I had desperately tried to hold onto. Aside from the obvious necessities like food, shelter and ice cream 😀 … I learned that a comfortable place to sit, my laptop and a coffee was all I really needed (although there is one thing I really miss).

Why Your Only Choice is Failure

Why Being Smart is Really Stupid

So, Was My First $1000 Online Really Just Luck?

Why You DON’T Need Money to Make Money

Why Quitting was The Best Decision I Made

47,000 Monthly Users

Why My Second $1000 Was Better Than My First $1000

Income Source #1
Income Source #2 (YTD represents Feb and Mar)

How One Simple Question Turned Into (at least) $650 Per Month

Income Source #3

How A Poor Attitude and Bad Memory Became A Great Surprise!

Income Source #4 (This one is my favorite because it came as a complete surprise. It’s from an affiliate program I had forgotten about.)

Now It’s Your Turn!



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